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Virtues to strive towards are many. This is some. Do you know more?

Compassion, Courage, Courtesy, Faith, Generosity, Honor, Hope, Humility, Justice, Loyalty, Mercy, Nobility, Prowess, Prudence, Strenght

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Straight from the Bird´s mouth

What does corpora say?

Greetings all, in this small article I thought we should look at what does the SCAs guiding document Corpora say about peerage in general and the order of the Pelican (OP) in particular. The Corpora Read more…

Pelicans Q & A

We are aiming to answer non-peers questions about Pelican and SCA in general. So if you have a question you would like us to answer please contact us. Contact:

What is service?

So to kick off my posts to this blog I thought I should start with a simple subject, what is service? Now of course the question, what is service, is not a simple or easy Read more…

Who are the pelicans?

Question: Is there something in common with all the pelicans? What kind of people are the ones behind the mystic word Pelican? So this question reached the Pelicans ears. We believe that the people that are Read more…