Your full name

Baron Egil Drakhufvud

Egil Drakhufvud at Double Wars AS LVIII 2023
Egil Drakhufvud at Double Wars AS LVIII


My name in the mundane world is Zakarias Persson, and I found the SCA back in 1996 for the first time, but I did not join before 2001. Where I live, there was this small medieval group called Frostheim, who held a banquet I was invited to as a larper. I was hooked from the first event!
In heart and soul, I’m a fighter, but I also have my heart open for other things, like making this a better place for everyone! I still live in the northern part of Sweden(Nordmark), in the same not so little anymore, group Frostheim. I have worked hard to make my local group a solid place in the SCA. And I’m proud of Frostheim who still grows and there are people taking over after me also! In the SCA Im known as Baron Egil Drakhufvud. 

Service you have done

My biggest flex is to be part of Frostheim and being here during the years we have struggled and worked hard. Now we see the fruit of our labours and we are growing and are healthy as a group.
I have also been autocrat one really big event, “Medeltidsdagar”  that we have here in northern Nordmark. By night it´s a full-fledged tent SCA camp, and by day it´s a demo for the thousands of populas. I love the fact that the event is free for SCA people, and still, we make money so we can survive and thrive.  This is one of the things that take up most of my “service” in the SCA.

Egil Drakhufvud at Frostheims Medeltidsdagar
Egil Drakhufvud at Frostheims Medeltidsdagar

I have also built a lot of web for the SCA like a fighter tutorial site called, a 15-year fighting tournament called non500, Frostheim’s own site and I have also helped out with Nordmark homepage. Web is my mundane work, so it fits to use those skills when possible too.

Interested in

I love SCA Heavy Fighting, and I’m a squire to Sir Brendan The Tired. HF has always been a big part of my sca. But I´m also a woodworker and a blacksmith, and kind of a decent archer. Sca has so much to offer, so I can’t decide what I like to do the most


Good food, a real banquette with banners, song and dance.
I also love going into the list to fight during our medieval days, 400 people screaming and cheering. And wars, don’t get me started on those! forest wars during double wars.. such good times. But, I kind of like bathtubs more than other people too, the nickname “bad baron” is something I wear with pride. (“Bad” is double here, bad in English, and bath in Swedish.. you can decide for yourself what kind I am )

Doesn’t like

When I see people being mistreated, or when I see people(from Peers to newbies) treat people without respect. It’s annoying and sad for the SCA.

Stuff I want to see at events

I love to see dancing, hear the music and feel the magic. I love good food and a feast worthy of nobles. I also love to see the spark in the eyes of new members when they get told about all the awesome things that happen here. 

Was elevated

12night Coronation 2022


None at this point. If I find someone who could benefit from my knowledge, I will be happy to take a Protegé.

Anything else you want to say

If you are new here, “Welcome to the SCA”! If you are an oldie, “I love that you are still around”.

Egil Drakhufvud and his kids some years ago
Egil Drakhufvud and his kids some years ago
Egil Drakhuvud many years ago
Egil Drakhufvud many years ago