So, who are the Pelicans, what do Pelicans do?

When you boil down all the facets of who and what Pelicans are, At their heart, Pelicans are the enablers of our society.

Those once up and coming members of this society, who are now members of the Pelican Order, were themselves the event stewards, feast hall supervisors, cooks, cleaners, officers and crew as well as the like of armourers, coaches and teachers of diverse thyngs. Repeatedly sacrificing of their time and energy that others may engross themselves in their passions at events and beyond.

As a Pelican Peer, I personally feel it is my duty to step aside from these roles in order to enable others to take the initiative. To let those up and coming members provide service to our society; whilst being on hand to guide and encourage, but also being ready to step in should help be required or crucial posts need to be filled.

For each Pelican there is a different story, but one facet which will always be evident is the desire and willingness to help other people, sometimes even to the detriment of themselves.

Yannick of Normandy

Who does occasionally suffer, greatly.